Our dream world can be far richer than we realize and can reveal a lot of insight into our subconscious world. Dreams have always been incredibly interesting to me, both from a psychological perspective and a metaphysical one as well. Freud, the father of psychology, always placed an emphasis on dreams, saying they gave insight into our self-analysis. Sometimes, they can reveal a lot more. As someone who works with others to best reach their goals, remove obstacles from their paths, and reach self-awareness, I wanted to introduce you to my dear friend, Tina Jordan.

When I say Tina has a gift, that is an understatement. I have had Tina’s Dream Journey, Dream Interpretation, and her recent Dream Healing and Release session, all of which have just blown me away. The morning after she did the Dream Healing and Release, I woke up feeling lighter, more positive, and my anxiety was noticeably decreased. My issue had been career-oriented, and that morning, I also received some good news on the work front which had been stressing me out. Coincidence? I honestly don’t think so. I think Tina was able to work with her guides to help heal the situation in the etheric realm.

The Dream Interpretation she did for me a while back was incredible. When our dreams seem frightening or scary, we can carry a sense of fear throughout the day, as I had. I was looking at the dream from my perspective, which was fear-based; Tina looks at dreams from a love-based perspective and gave me some beautiful, loving insight that was spot on — the dream was telling me I was allowing fear to control me in a lot of ways, and I needed to trust my intuition and wisdom more. Once I read her interpretation, the immediate resonation in my soul told me this was a valid truth.

Her Dream Journey was so vivid — something you will find with any of Tina’s sessions. She gives you a tremendous amount of details, to where you feel like you are seeing it with her. She leaves nothing out, from colors, symbols, even buttons, as she saw in mine, which held a tremendous amount of significance for me. My Dream Journey traversed past-lives and helped me see how far I’ve come — and gave me insight as to where I am going.

I thought of some questions people may have that have never had a Dream Session; here are Tina’s responses!

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How long have you been interpreting dreams? How did you get started doing dream journeys?
I have been interpreting dreams for myself for over 30 years, for friends and family for 20 years or so, and in a professional capacity for 3 years roughly.  The dream journey is an experience that allows me to take a question or issue for myself or another person into a state of lucid dreaming.  From there I observe the messages relayed to me by Spirit Guides and bring them back to a waking state for further research and interpretation.  The idea occurred to me a few years ago, when I realized I had the capability to dream “at will” about whatever I chose. The answers are not always defined literally, and interpreting the dream journey mirrors the process I use when interpreting a dream for someone.
What was your earliest experience with dreams and how did you know you had a gift for this? Did it scare you at first?
My dreams have been vivid for as long as I can remember, and I used to look at them as odd or peculiar until I discovered that there was an intricate code written into the scenes that played out for me night after night.  I began writing them down during adolescence, and over the years have amassed quite a collection of dream journals and files.  After a few years I realized that although my dreams were special to me, other folks’ dreams were just as important to them, though it was likely that most didn’t pay very much attention to them.  I’ve also always been a natural at astral projection, and until I figured out what was happening when I had and out of body experience, it scared me like nothing else ever had.  The first time I actually saw my physical body asleep, my first reaction was fear and shock until I noticed that I was still thinking and able to move around.  I was hooked.
Tell us a little bit about the different dream journeys and interpretations you offer? 
I offer a range of dream related services, with the most popular being a dream interpretation.  I also offer dream journeys, group based and customized dream coaching, and a healing session that also takes place while I dream.
What can people expect from a dream journey or interpretation?
With a dream interpretation one thing that you will not get is a generic reading of your dream based on dream dictionaries or online dream indexes.  I wholeheartedly believe that our dreams are as unique as we are and the specific imagery and details are tailored to us as individuals.  You receive a full report based on the information I receive both intuitively and via my Spirit helpers as I focus on the dream in a meditative state.  With the dream journey you receive a two part report which includes a description of the dream journey exactly as it unfolded and a full analysis to explain the messages intended for the recipient. My guides have very clever ways of revealing messages to me through audible and visible clues, and occasionally take me on a bit of a treasure hunt to get to the heart of a dream.  Requests for dream journeys can include almost anything from career direction, relationships, and even past life information.  There is always the option of simply letting the session be guided by the Divine to reveal what messages need to be relayed at the moment without specific intent.
How do you prepare for your dream work? 
In preparing for all my dream work, I enter a state of meditation after clearing and grounding, asking for assistance from the Divine and allowing me to retrieve and relay the messages as the are meant to be received.  For the dream journeys and healing sessions the meditation includes a focus on the recipient and their request immediately before I go to sleep the night or day of their scheduled session.
Tell me about your dream healing also — I think people would love to hear about that!
The Dream Healing and Release Session is my newest offering.  I was led by Spirit to offer this service as a means to allow healing to begin on emotional, spiritual and even physical levels.  Though this session is not intended to replace proper care from a qualified and licensed medical professional, it can be both a supplement to treatment being received and a catalyst for positive change on a soul level.  The sessions are some of the most beautiful experiences I’ve ever had!  With this service, the recipient also receives a follow up report describing the session in detail.
How can people contact you? 
You can reach me a few different ways.
 Anything else you would like to add? 
I’d like to encourage everyone to pause and take a closer look at their dreams.  Even when they seem frightening or foreboding, there is likely a loving message tucked away in there.  If you would like to learn more about focused dreaming as a tool or would like to schedule a session, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  Dreaming is truly one of my passions, and I love helping others discover the potential of dreams! 

(Tina also offers a Dream Coaching workshop through Clairporium as well!)
Dreams are an amazing part of the journey to self-discovery. If you want to learn more about your dreams and their meanings, or to explore deeper, I urge you to contact Tina and let her help you!
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