One of the things I tend to encounter in every day life, is that we all are fighting a battle and need to be handled gently. Life is extremely fragile — our words impact not just the person we say them to, but our own spirit; we experience devastating loss, but are expected to go on; we feel all alone, even in a crowd. It’s those reasons why holding space and keeping it full of love is so important.heart hands

Each of us is on a journey. Our paths may not be the same, but often times, our experiences are similar. We love, we hurt, we cry. But depending on our roles or the other duties or obligations we have to perform, we often carry unspoken burdens. Even the people who seem to be perfect on the outside are dealing with something inside they feel they can’t share, that they are ashamed of. It is hard to work on self-improvement, self-awareness, and self-empowerment when we are struggling beneath those concerns.

In coaching, I will help you set goals you feel capable of achieving. I meet you where you are — to help get you where you want to be. It does not help you to set a goal you feel intimidated by. Goals are supposed to excite you and help direct your focus and time so you can pursue them passionately. Not be so overwhelming that you are too paralyzed to begin. Knowing you can push yourself with the comfort of guidance and loving encouragement is part of what you will find in the sacred space I hold.

I mentioned encouragement and that is a huge element of my sacred space. We are discouraged enough in our daily world, told what we can’t do, shouldn’t try, how we will fail. Imagine if instead of being told something couldn’t possibly work, you had someone tell you how wonderful, and help you put together the steps needed to achieve it. Within this space, you will find loving encouragement. Your best version of yourself is waiting in this space.

Joseph Campbell has been quoted as saying, ” A sacred space is where you find yourself over and over again.” What do you hope to find? Do you want to just find peace? Maybe be able to make time for yourself each day? Sometimes, it’s not the achievement of a goal that someone needs to do, but actualization of self. To see how you feel when you say affirmations. To recognize what resonates with your soul.

We all need a soft place to land, a place to work through some things that we may not feel comfortable telling those in our life. They may think we are weird if we share we want to start meditating, or we want to learn how to quiet that inner voice to hear our Spirit talk. We all need to know we are precious, and that our feelings and emotions will be held and treated with respect.

I am holding this sacred space for you. If you would like to partake, connect with me now and let’s get started.