Women’s Empowerment

Delivering the concept of community coaching through a small group setting, Eclectic Path Wellness strives to empower every woman with a sense of beauty, purpose, and sisterhood. We are ALL connected and by honoring our connection, we can create a wondrous change.

Areas of coaching include: Body/Self Image (I believe everyone has their own beauty and I will help you find yours), Mindful Eating (NOT on diet but healthier choices that can align you with your overall health goals), Honoring the Goddess Within, and I am a F’ing Warrior Queen — Embracing your Power.


Spiritual Development

Everyone is born with their own unique gifts and talents; some are able to hear messages and receive audible messages from Spirit. Others see visions and flashes of the future and then some, just know  when something is about to happen. Typically, something happens and we block our gifts until they suddenly start reoccurring.

If you are wanting to understand and develop your gifts, I offer coaching specific to this area. Nurturing your intuitive gifts through psychic development exercises, finding your strengths, and using your senses to tap into Spirit.



“Belonging” is one of the greatest needs in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. We all want to feel like we belong to someone, something…that we matter. Community coaching creates a group of like-minded people, working on the same areas as a support group for one another. It also provides a soft place to land, where people can discuss the issues at heart, free of judgement in a positivity charged atmosphere. (Instead of focusing on the negatives, we will spend 3 minutes on the negative to release it, then reframe it in a positive to move forward!)

To bridge community to a larger sense, I have added a list of preferred and recommended readers & healers on my site. I have worked with each one on a personal and professional level and can speak to their amazing gifts and talents. I believe in networking and creating a community beyond our immediate space that is filled love, light, and those who can help us on our paths and I am honored to include these individuals in our extended community.

If you have other specific needs that are not addressed here or elsewhere on EP, please do not hesitate to ask! 

In light & love,