When I became a life coach, someone asked me if I was going to coach Oprah.

“If Oprah needs me, I will!” was my reply. I am pretty sure O has her own team of coaches she uses regularly though.

It didn’t hit me until later that there may be a misconception about who hires a life coach. Some people may think only those who are extremely wealthy or who are at a certain professional level.

Granted, I have seen the rates that some coaches charge — $25,000 for two hours — but that’s not what I charge. And I am not knocking the coaches that do; that’s fabulous that they can charge — and receive — those rates! But I am focused on helping people have access to coaching so they can improve their lives and in turn, send out a ripple effect of healing, love, and improvement into their environment. It’s kind of a big picture approach to coaching but that’s kind of how I see the world: we all can initiate great change with just our small steps.

So…you’re not Oprah. Does that mean you need a life coach? Absofrigginlutely.

Do you: 

  • Seek self-improvement in some area of your life — professional or personal?
  • Want to overcome negative self-talk and limiting beliefs you have in your life?
  • Need to be challenged to meet your goals and be held accountable?
  • Need help identifying what steps you need to take to reach your goals? 
  • Crave inspiration and someone to cheer you on?
  • Want someone to help you overcome obstacles? 

These are just a few of the 100’s of ways a life coach like myself can help you.

Basically, a coach is your cheerleader/mentor/advocate all rolled into one. I know some lists may include ‘best friend’ but I often leave it out because let’s face it: sometimes, our friends tell us what we want to hear to spare our feelings, don’t they? I know I have had a few who have….and while I appreciate their love greatly, it didn’t help me grow.

Some people want a coach to help with a short-term, focused project, like reaching a weight loss goal, while others may want access to a coach long-term. I’ve been asked which one works the best and my answer is “What ever the client needs!”

Coaching for a specific goal is awesome — you have your eyes on a set outcome and we are working towards it intensely. This means you are getting more check in’s and more feedback from me on a very regular basis. I am asking you for updates several times a week — maybe daily, depending on the goal — and we are making sure you on course!

Being able to check in with someone on your goals over the course of several months or a year can help you know you need to have certain things in place by key deadlines. Are you unhappy with your job but need to be more methodical in your job hunt? Wanting to work on being able to feel more confident in public speaking? We will map out a period of time and some strategic milestones for you to reach.

Coaching is extremely personal and unique to the person and their individual needs. My goal as a coach is to help you feel more confident and self-aware while you work on your dreams. By helping you shift your energy and perspective, you will see new doors open and approach things in a different way, leading to an increase is personal success.

How will we measure success?

Well, it’s entirely up to YOU! And that’s one of things we will establish at the beginning.

You don’t have to be Oprah — or famous — to have a life coach. So contact me today so we can discuss your individual needs and get your program started!