Unlike other practitioners of spiritual  models, I am here to tell you an important fact:

There are times you are not always going to be all sweetness and light. There are times things will be really, really hard and a struggle. Maybe even harder than necessary.

And there are times it’s not only hard but downright friggin’ impossible to visualize the outcome you want and to be positive all the time.

And I’m here to tell you: It’s OK.

Really, it is.

Especially when you have been trying so hard to stay on a spiritual path — you’ve  been visualizing, meditating, you’ve been writing your affirmations…..

You’ve been doing everything you are supposed to do.

And you are still stuck.

Even worse, sometimes, it seems like it may get worse. Or things happen that are synonymous with the bird pooping on your car as you pull out of the car wash.

It makes you want to scream, cry, and wail: SERIOUSLY, Universe, WTF?! 

I’ve been there.

I still visit it occasionally, too. It’s not by choice, necessarily, or at least not a subconscious choice.

But there are times where I can be doing everything right I am supposed to and then BAM, it’s like the proverbial shit hits the fan.

So as your life coach, I will never say, “You just aren’t manifesting correctly,” “You need to be more positive,” or any of the other things you hear people say.

What I will tell you is this: 

Sometimes, you can do everything right and shit is still going to happen. It will make you mad as hell, it will make you question everything you hold to be true, especially on your spiritual path.

Address the anger; better yet, dance with it. But don’t let it lead the dance. Embrace it for all it is so you can release it.

**I have literally had those moments where I have gone out in my yard and screamed. (I am thankful I live in the woods and that our neighbors are not nosy.)**

Deal with the disappointment, the anger, the discouragement.

Question WTF is going on here? Wail, have a grand fit….

You are releasing all this energy…and sometimes, what needs to happen is just that — that energy needs to go out.

It tells the Universe, “Hey, I am not HAPPY here, and something needs to change!”

I fully believe in dealing with the crap — because things are not always love, light, and saccharin-ly sweet — so we can move through the crap. Instead of ignoring things are happening, confronting it is the best thing.

SO…you have some crap and you’re facing your swirl of negative emotions…now what?

The next important thing is to NOT WALLOW. Don’t climb in the eye of the storm and stay there.

No, you are going to get angry, you’re going to acknowledge the negativity and have your meltdown.

But you are not going to stay there.

You will feel the energy shift following the meltdown. Like there is a shift in the Force. It’s kind of like how the air feels after a wicked storm.

That is when you take that energy and pour it into visualizing what YOU WANT.

Are you pissed at your boss? Then this is the time you take that super-charged energy and you focus on the PERFECT JOB FOR YOU.

Tired of being alone? Use the energy to focus on your ideal partner.


The Universe responds to our energy. If we are passive with our requests, the Universe may not take us seriously, and sometimes, crap just happens for a number of reasons:

  • The Universe is shifting things and in order to bring us the better stuff, it has to create a vacuum so we can deal with the crap that doesn’t want to be there.
  • We haven’t been specific with our requests — I hate this one, but it’s true. There are times we send out so many mixed signals to the Universe that we have to be forced to deal with it — one way or another. I am guilty of this more times than I care to admit.
  • It teaches us some great “big scheme of things” lesson. Another one I am not too terribly fond of, but it’s true. I can look back on things and see how those terrible situations taught me some invaluable lessons. At the time, it was stressful and it made me question everything. Years later, I was able to look back and see why it happened.
  • Sometimes…crap just happens. It is not the result of anything you do, or don’t do; it’s just crap. Everyone has things happen that are not always happy happy joy joy. Like the saying says, to get the rainbow, you have to go through some rain.

Take the energy you are feeling and use it to FOCUS on what YOU DO WANT. THE OUTCOMES YOU WANT.

Not where you are, not what you are going through. Get through this and then take more steps towards your goal.

Having a life coach can help you get through these moments. With me as your life coach, I will be honest, I will be real, I will be supportive, and I will tell you, “Yes, sometimes, things are just crappy; but you are going to get through it.”

I know, because I did, and am still getting through it.

Together, we can work on the steps to help you get through these storms.

Let’s get started. Email me today.