Recently, I have been going through some tremendous changes.

We all do, right?

I bet if you are reading this, you have been — or about to be — going through some pretty huge changes as well.

Some are self-imposed changes: we make a choice about our career, our relationships, etc.

Some are kind of unexpected and can cause us to panic and create a great deal of upheaval in our lives.

That last one has been pretty much the last decade for me.

Things have happened that were out of my control and that created some massive changes in my life…remember me telling you how I am not perfect and don’t expect you to be either? Yeah, I had some fits and raged against the Universe more times than I’d care to count….

Just when things started to feel like things were easing up a little bit…I had yet another SHIFT.

Life is a lot like the weather — don’t get to used to it because it can change on a moment’s notice.

So, here I was, in the midst of yet another change.

As a life coach, what would I tell a client?

As a person, what would I tell a friend?

Embrace the changes and see where they lead….sometimes, we think something that is going to be awful is actually forcing us to take steps we otherwise would be too scared to take. 

Right before this change happened, I had made the shift within my coaching to change the name from Eclectic Path Spiritual Coaching to Eclectic Path Wellness. “Wellness” encompasses so much; it means a wholeness, a mind-body-spirit approach, and the desire to help you reach this actualization of your being. ***This*** fit how I wanted to approach my client work.

I had signed up for a Reiki course, but had gotten sidetracked. Life, right?

Guess what? Life makes room for the things that are necessary.

This morning, I had my Reiki Master attunement and could not be more humbled at this decision.


Being able to offer Reiki to my clients just made the most beautiful sense. Reiki is so beneficial on so many levels…the more I learned (and continue to learn), the more my soul was screaming “YES! THIS!”

Energy healing is just one way to help you work towards your goals — Reiki can help you release the things you need and be open for what’s to come.

With Reiki, you can release all of the negative energy that has been held in your chakras and replace it with the loving light force to help you move forward…

Had it not been for me being forced to make yet another change, I never would have pushed myself forward. Funny how life works sometimes, isn’t it?

I am so excited to be introducing this modality very soon and can’t wait to see how Reiki can help you on your journey.

Today, if you are facing a change…embrace it. Lean into it. See where it may take you.

It may be scary but it may also be better than you’ve ever imagined.

In light and love~