One of the biggest things many of us struggle with is our relationship food.

We have to eat to live. Some of us live to eat.

I know I have fallen in that last group from time to time.

We eat to celebrate.

We eat to comfort.

Especially to comfort…

When we are sad, when we are upset, when we are bored….

When we are empty and trying to fill a void. 

Many of us have unhealthy relationships with food and think that there are “bad” foods we shouldn’t eat and feel extreme guilt when we do.

How many of us have had a donut and then felt so bad over that ONE donut, we ended up eating four more?

How many of us have denied ourselves food, or punished ourselves because our food choices?

Probably more of us than we would care to admit. 

Trying to find a balance between the food we eat and our body image can be one of the most difficult things we do.

But what if I told you…our relationship with food often has nothing to do with our outer bodies?

It’s often more about filling a spiritual need deep within…that empty space we have…

It’s craving connections that we are fearful to make…so we crave sustenance instead….

Our relationship with food becomes the surrogate for so many other things.

We make food choices that make us feel bad emotionally and physically…leading us to have unhealthy relationships with food…

Nourish~an online coaching program

Nourish is not a diet. Nourish is not about losing weight.

Nourish is about self-care and learning to love yourself. No matter your size, your weight.

It’s about a mindset shift towards how to recognize what we are craving, wanting, and needing when we eat.

It’s recognizing what makes us eat…when we eat and what we eat.

It’s learning to make choices we feel happier with, that are free of judgement and guilt…


What it is:


safe place: an online community where you can connect with others on the same path, building relationships and connections to help you grow.

Daily prompts: to help you reflect, to help guide you, to inspire you, and most importantly, help you practice self-care.

Weekly Reiki sessions: to help us break free from the unhealthy cycles we have created and to heal our relationship with food. I will hold a weekly Reiki session, calling each of you by name.

Only $125 per month. Not per hour, not per Reiki session — per month.

How to sign up:

Simply pay via PayPal and I will get you added in the group. We will have rolling starts, so you don’t have to worry if you want to get started in the middle of the month — your month starts when you do.

**Space is limited.**

I look forward to helping you on your journey.